Google Apps: Gmail’s new look

‚ÄčIf you’re one of our customers using Google Apps (Gmail for business), you may have noticed a new message above your inbox. Your email will be getting a new look. You can view a screenshot of the look or you can decide to switch to the new look right away using the “Switch to the new look” link.

The interface feels much lighter, and includes customization options. You can change settings, like the density of your inbox. In the Settings gear menu in the upper right of your Gmail Inbox, choose a density for your Inbox: Comfortable (most white space), Cozy (less white space), or Compact (least white space).

You can even change the entire theme, with inspiring imagery. A number of other improvements to search and navigation have been made.

For a while, you will still be able to switch to the old look. To switch back to the old look, click the Settings gear menu, and then choose Revert to the old look temporarily.

For more information about Gmail’s new look, visit:

Gmail’s new look | Official Gmail Blog