Be Aware: Domain Registry of Canada SCAM

Be Aware: Domain Registry of Canada SCAM

‚ÄčIt is our responsibility to inform you that you may receive a letter in your mail box from a company called “Domain Registry of Canada” asking you to renew your domain name. Be aware: this is a SCAM!

The notices that the Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) sends out makes them look like an official request to renew an expiring domain name.

They look like a government official domain name authority with a Canadian flag on their envelope. They also have the same color envelope that you would expect from Canadian Government.

DROC is basically trying to trick people to fill out the form, provide the necessary information and transfer their domain away.

Please do not send any money to this company before consulting this letter with us.

If you have registered your domains with us, you can safely ignore domain name scams like Domain Registry of Canada.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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